Offerring Reiki to Sick and Terminally Ill Animals

Chia (2)

Recently, I was asked by a friend if Reiki could work on tumors.  It turns out that his dog may have a tumor or undetectable kidney stones as she passes blood when urinating. She is a doggie favorite of dozens of people that go to our Tai Chi classes. She is our mascot and she oversees all our sessions there. After losing two personal dogs and a foster dog this year, I was hesitant to reply.

Our yellow lab had been diagnosed with diabetes and was blind and was riddled with fatty tumors for about 4 years of his 10 year life. He maintained well and never complained as I gave him his twice daily insulin shots. He refused to be anything different than he was prior to his diagnosis, right up until the day before he passed away peacefully in his sleep. He did not value Reiki much; over the years I offered it to him and he would just leave.  Too much fuss and fanfare for him, just let him live his journey as he thought fit.  I heard him telling me to “just leave him alone” the night that he passed as I was tearfully telling him how much I loved him and would miss him. He was not being rude; he just wanted me to know he was not only  capable of handling his death but that he wanted that right.

Next was our big bull mastiff foster. He came to us obese and full of cancerous tumors, dumped by his family. He, however, loved his Reiki and whenever I was teaching a Reiki class, he was right in line to have some of that energy offered to him. Numerous times over the ten months that we had the good fortune to have him, I thought he was in an active dying stage. I would call my Reiki students and they would offer him remote Reiki and time after time, he rallied up and was great for another few months. He stayed with us until his body could no longer tolerate the assault of his disease. Still, he refused to leave; I offered him Reiki, this time, to comfort his soul for the journey that would part us. He was our foster dog, but he was every bit a part of our family as well as a part of those who frequented my farm; we all loved him and he loved us. He did not mind my tears as we set him free.

Our cattledog was the last one to leave us in 2014. He also loved Reiki and was a favorite of my Reiki students to work on. He would set aside his nervous little self and would completely succumb to the energy for as long as you wanted to offer it to him. He would run to me when he realized that I was starting my personal Reiki healings and meditations to lie by my feet and go into a coma with it. That was a daily ritual for us for several years.  His illness was quick and unexpected. He was his normal self one day then critically ill the next without hope of recovering. He was not a dog to live with limitations; he came into our lives as a rescue in a bright light and left us in the same manner. Reiki again, helped us deal with that time we spent waiting in the ER after making the decision. Peaceful and surreal.

Also this year, I had been called in to help several dogs recovering from their chemo and radiation treatments with positive results. Then, I had several sessions with a dying dog and his family; to help ease his spirit. Although the family wanted him to stay forever, they wanted him to be able to leave when he was too uncomfortable to stay. We all believe that made his transition much easier on him and them. And lastly, another call to assist a friend and her dog as they said goodbye for the last time. In all situations, I feel that the Reiki energy was the glue that held the love in the forefront over such difficult times.

With the experiences that full recovery is not in my control, I skirted the issue of his question because I suddenly I felt the responsibility of saving this dog, and it was huge. How do you explain to someone that “Yes, I can help”, when you are not sure what the long term answer will be, but yet you know you can help? Helping, however, is not is not the real answer we seek; we seek cures, and I am sure that the answer he is seeking is that of a cure.

Why some animals and people live on despite their illnesses, or go into remission, or are lost prematurely, we may never know. In the end, it all boils down to faith in the universal plan of things. Faith is not based on proof but on the belief that all will all turn out as it should. With this faith, we need to remember that what we do that makes a difference even if the difference is not always the one we wanted or expected.

So yes, my answer is yes, Reiki can help tumors. Not just the physical tumors but the mental tumors that hold on to us and grow in us by limiting our faith to only what is known or for sure. It can dissolve those doubts of ‘should have, could have, and if only.’ It can dissolve the tumor of fear and restriction that I felt within me when he asked this question. I can say that Reiki can help and mean it.

**Just for clarity, all the above dogs have been treated by veterinarians.  Reiki assists in helping the body heal itself but is not a substitute for good veterinary care and many vets are in full support of its value to the healing process.**